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DAILY LIFE What's a traditional Japanese room like
Eight Tatami Room
F and Q (How to use Japanese inn)
Japanese Spaces Room Components Descriptions and Uses - Components for Japanese room interior design and materials tatami, shoji, fusuma, tokonoma, kakejiku, ikebana, pottery, porcelain, tokobashira, juraku wall covering, ajiro ceiling panel, kotats
sample of tatami room
shoji screens, room divider, tatami mats, paper lantern, shoji paper,japanese lamp, garden lantern
tatami. The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language Fourth Edition. 2000.
TATAMI---Don't you try to make a Tatami
TATAMI-What thing is Japanese matting
Tea Ceremony Teahyakka - Tatami and Ro
What is Tatami Omote

Tatami Restaurants

House of Yoshida Japanese Restaurant
Ichiban Japanese Steakhouse - Restaurant -- Syracuse, NY
Kabuki Sushi Japanese restaurant Minneapolis Twin Cities Minnesota
Kamehachi Chicago -Welcome
Kermadec offers for hire the Ocean Dawn Room, the Trench Bar & the Tatami Rooms for functions & special events
Samurai Restaurant Fine Japanese Dining and Sushi Bar in South Lake Tahoe CA 530-542-0300
Sushi Two, Sushi Too, Sushi Three, Pittsburgh PA
Yamtao Japanese Restaurant & Shushi Bar 856-435-5383 Eagle Plaza - Voorhees, NJ

Chicago Tatami Rooms (Private Room)

Kamehachi Chicago -Welcome
Tank Sushi
Tsunami Sushi Bar Chicago

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