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Want to find out where your ancestors came from ?

Using your DNA the National Geographic Genographic Project

has been launched to find out where we came from 
and how we got to live where we are today.

To participate in this study go to:


Tips for Using the Internet for Genealogical Research 

The Internet is very dynamic with sites be moved and addresses changed everyday. You might bookmark a site one day and the next day it has disappeared. And if you extracted important information from the site about your family tree it might just disappear.
So you might want to :

1. Keep a log of the sites you visit.
2. Bookmark sites you visit and keep them organized by branches of your family tree or country
3. Print out important information and file it for future reference again organized by  branches of your family tree or country
4. Save to Disk Valuable Websites so you can go back and get the information you need if the site disppears.
5. Give Credit to your Resources so some one can go back and
retrace the steps you've taken to recreate your conclusions.

Queenan Family Tree
- My Queenan website to unite all Queenan's

Descendants of Michael Queenan of Sligo Ireland
Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site User Home Pages
 John William Queenan Family Site
1860 Twn Of Necedah, Juneau Co., Wi Census
A Timeline Of Schooling In Sligo -county Sligo
Donor Oocyte Conference In Charleston, Sc. Hosted By Southeastern Fertility
Family Genealogy Forum - Cunnane
Family Genealogy Forum - Queenan
Family Genealogy Forum - Quinnan
Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site User Home Pages John William Queenan Family Site
Flaming Sword
Genforum - Search Engine Results - Genealogy Surname Search
Googlism Who Is Queenan
Ireland's History In Maps - Irish History, Geography And Genealogy
John Queenan, M.D.
Leitrim-roscommon 1901 Census Display Page
Quinane Family History Page
Templeronan Cemetery - County Sligo, Ireland
The Quinane Family Crest


Genealogy: Advice for Effective Searches
Answer a series of simple questions and get free, customized advice on the most effective next steps for searching your ancestors.

American Memory From The Library Of Congress ≠ Connecting Families Through the World Wide Web
American Immigrant Wall of Honor
Burke's Peerage
Dead Fred - Genealogy Photo Archive
Descendants of Charlemagne
DNAWeekly - Free Online Family Tree Creator
Ellis Island - Online Genealogy Community
S  Familysearch Internet Genealogy Service -
Family Tree DNA - we do genetic tests for your genealogy questions!

Family Tree Searcher - Find Family Trees Easily
Enter your ancestor information just once to search for family trees at multiple online genealogy databases.

Free Genealogy Resources
Genealogy Pages The World's Premier Genealogy Portal
Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild
Immigrants To Canada In Nineteenth Century - Ships - Emigration Reports - Emigration Handbooks
Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site- Home Page
Genealogy - Free Ancestry Family Tree Genealogy Software
GenSearcher, All-in-One Genealogy Search Page
Illinois Genealogical and Historical Societies
Illinois USGenWeb Project - Genealogy and Family History Research in Illinois
Lineagesí Web Site
MichiganGenWeb Genealogy
Minnesota Genealogy - the MNGenWeb Project
Newberry Library Chicago, Illinois - Ancestor Search and Online Genealogy Resource
Find free ancestry search resources using the same methods professional genealogistsí use in their online ancestry search.
Olive Tree Genealogy Canadian Genealogy
Our Family Trees - Genealogy
Professional Genealogists, Ancestry & Family Tree Researchers Directory at
Rogers Genealogy Notes And Descendancy Chart
Roots of the Sixty Colonists
S  RootsWeb Genealogical Data Cooperative
The WorldRoots Royal Pages
Family Tree - build your Family Tree website
Royal and Noble Genealogical Data on the Web
Rulers of France
Sunset Angel's Genealogy
The Genealogy Home Page
UK Travel: London, Britain, Wales, Scotland
Wisconsin Land Records -- Interactive Search

Wilcoxson Family Tree

Deacon George Graves Of Hartford, Ct

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