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SteviesTV Special Reports

Welcome to

This site is about what I find people, places, ideas, food, fun 
and Sushi! While doing what I love exploring
our world or my small corner of it. Many of my friends ask me
why I would do a site like this. It is because I have a passion
to expose people to things that they may not know or have
never ever experienced. And for those who have experienced
what I love, expose others to what you love. Life is too short
 not have fun, so show those who you love what you have
 a passion for. That is what my site is all about a passion for life
and what it offers. Enjoy and explore!

P.S. One more thing, I don't comment on these links unless necessary
because I want to experience the thrill of the unknown.
There is nothing like opening a closed door when you don't know what
pleasant surprise may be behind it. 

I have added a section of called "Special Reports"
These Reports will be commentary on topics I find puzzling,
and worthy of doing some investigation on.

Unlike - Assistance for the Technologically Challenged
 this site contains links and information about the things 
that I experience or would like to. 
So get comfortable and get your mouse ready to click.
Explore and most of all have fun!

"Say what you sell and sell what you say,
and a lot more business will come your way"

Stephen T. Coenen 4/22/2010 amended 4/19/2012

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